Grand Forks Stray Media Group Wins Awards in Changing Business Landscape

“We’re more about the fit than sometimes the actual qualifying,” said Dave Gilbert, president and co-founder of Stray Media. “It must be fine with us because we are a tight-knit group and we all have an entrepreneurial spirit. “

Gilbert co-founded Stray Media Group in Grand Forks with his wife Heather in December 2009. It all started with one employee and grew to 12 employees who work in-house and remotely. It provides comprehensive marketing services to its clients – mainly small businesses – such as graphic design, digital marketing, logo design, web development, brand development, video and drone services, apparel and retailers.

Gilbert said the company was trying to hire three more employees. Its staff members are trained to be usable in several areas, all with the aim of keeping the machine in good working order.

“We’re still growing, and ’22 is going to be another year of growth for us,” Gilbert said. “We kind of train everyone in a lot of different areas. Certainly some of them are more specialized than others, but here we have a good and strong team. “

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Stray Media Group recently won organizational Muse Creative Award, including “Gold” in the Website-Consumer Product / Services category for its work on the website redesign with United Communications, as well as the Publications-Magazine category for his work on Railroader Magazine with Northern Plains Rail Services. It was also named the Midwest’s Most Innovative Strategic Marketing Partner at this year’s International Strategic Media Innovator Awards.

Gilbert said the business has grown significantly from its humble beginnings.

“It has been very good growth,” said Gilbert. “Without going into the specifics, people would be screaming for this kind of growth.”

Gilbert said the holistic nature of Stray Media Group’s services is important.

“We have a huge trust factor with our customers, which allows us to do what we do for them. It’s just great because we are working on their behalf, ”said Gilbert. “We work a little differently, not in the traditional agency way. When we run their brand, we look at all of their business, and it’s kind of all in their budget. We look at everything they need to do, and that allows us to be creative on our side to produce the things that we do for our clients, as they are not limited by hourly billing like a normal agency would. We don’t do that.

Stray Media Group has changed the way it does business because of the pandemic, but also because of the company’s natural progression and expansion. With more employees and more services, the company has diversified into a more open work environment by favoring open office spaces and collaboration between employees during “brainstorming” sessions. It has also made digital marketing a higher priority than before.

Gilbert said the company will continue to change its approach in the future.

“Our business has changed a lot and we need to stay on top of everything that is out there so that we can educate our clients on what they can do to achieve their goals,” Gilbert said. “Yes, the landscape has changed a lot. “

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