Is online credit the most advantageous alternative?

Even if you have a long-term vision as far back as possible in financial planning, you may find yourself in a situation that calls for private credit. In this regard, customers could previously only use offers offered by subsidiaries of well-established banks.

The financial market has since developed so that obtaining online credit can be considered a good choice. In a confused Swiss banking network, you will encounter many difficulties, because many financial institutes will court you.

How can you quickly find the private loan that best suits your situation?

How can you quickly find the private loan that best suits your situation?

Loan seekers who seek countless information from different credit providers ultimately get no concrete results. The option which saves considerable time is to contact a renowned financial broker like Good Finance.

In our wide range of comparative offers, you will get the offer that will exactly match your current income. You can of course always gather the necessary information yourself, but you will have to invest a lot of your precious time at the expense of your leisure.

It is much simpler to use an online credit broker which will cost you absolutely nothing. Another advantage lies in the fact that when obtaining the loan, you are not obliged to bind yourself to a single proposal.

You get different offers here. Before you decide on a bank, you can still study each of the contractual conditions for as long as you want. It is different with a bank agency where you will have to accept or refuse the loan offer which is presented to you.

A free broker: How does it work?


As if it made sense, a broker like Good Finance will not charge you any additional fees for granting private credit. If this advantageous situation for you is possible, it is by the absence of local advice and by the cost savings of a network of agencies.

Individualized credit packages also reduce costs. In addition, the online version is considerably faster: No need to make an appointment with the bank and go there. Waiting for the decision, which is nerve-wracking, is thus eliminated.

Another advantage of granting online credit is that you only need to apply once – this also has a positive effect on your credit rating.

Why that?

In Switzerland, those who frequently file requests for private credit with different banks cause their own solvency index to deteriorate. You thus fall into a vicious circle where in the end it will be considerably more difficult for you to obtain credit.

A single request to a serious financial broker will avoid any risk in this regard. You have no need to worry about possible debt, because the granting of a credit would then not be granted.

Is all this safe?

The days of insecurity in online financial affairs are over for several years. The security of your money, as well as that of your personal data, is no more at risk than for all other transactions that you process online. To guarantee it, serious brokers like Good Finance never work with questionable financial institutions.

The advantages of traditional credit banks


The presence of a network of agencies is a significant advantage. Anyone who attaches great importance to a local service offering personalized advice will feel in good hands. Online companies can only provide this service in a limited way, in the form of email or web-chat exchanges. Renowned banks with their branch network have a definite advantage in this respect. During regular office hours, everyone will find a personal adviser for an interview.

If you are willing to give up the advantages of an agency network, online private credit is a fast and secure alternative for your finances. In addition, you can largely decide freely on the duration and amount of the loan amount. Submit your request now to Good Finance and allow your dreams to come true.

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