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What is each NFL team’s Twitter hashtag for 2022? How do I get team logo emojis to appear on Twitter? We have your answers here.

Every year, NFL teams release a new line of Twitter hashtags, an official slogan, motto, or sometimes just the team name to use on social media to help fans find everything shared on the team as quickly as possible.

With the 2022 NFL season upon us, we also have the complete list of 2022 NFL team logo hashtags and emotes. Most teams use a slogan; five only use the team name. Here is the full list:

For those new to Twitter or social media, just write one of these hashtags in your Tweet (the pound sign # must be included), and the logo will magically appear next to it after clicking “Post “.

Let’s explain some of the less obvious choices here…

Jacksonville Jaguars #DUUUVAL – Jacksonville is in Duval County and fans have used it as a rallying cry for the club for over two decades.

Minnesota Vikings #Skol — Skol (or skål) is a Scandinavian beer vessel; the phrase was used the same way we would use “Cheers!” today. The Vikings franchise has used “Skol” in its lexicon since the club’s expansion season in 1961.

San Francisco 49ers #FTTB — FTTB is an acronym for Faithful to The Bay, a reference to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Washington Commanders #HTTC – This is an acronym for Hail to the Commanders, replacing the older #HTTR, just one way the club is trying to carry on a tradition of the club’s past identities.

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