Poles take loans carefully

International Personal Finance, the owner of Prolend Finance, has conducted a survey showing that 85% of Poles seriously analyze a loan decision.

We have to rethink the loan

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Most often people from the age group 35-44 decide to commit. During the next six months, ⅓ respondents will “rather decide” for a loan, of which 8% are convinced.

Anne Kruphy, market research expert at Prolend Finance, explains that Poles declares that they approach loans in a rational way.

85-90% of respondents handle their commitments well and make decisions wisely, including 85% declare that they carefully analyze their decision before taking out a loan. Importantly, the GfK study shows that Poles comply with the principles of responsible lending. 83% of respondents declared that they do not borrow more than they can pay off easily – adds Kruphy.

The main thought that usually prevails before making a commitment is whether we can afford to pay the monthly commitment at all. We calculate the loan amount and interest in detail.

What is important before making a loan decision?

money loans

It is very important to analyze your budget and financial situation. When considering the offer, we should learn its details and choose the option that is most suitable for us.

The survey shows that the most important issue for the respondents is whether they will be able to pay the monthly commitment. 78% think about this. The overall cost of the commitment and its duration are equally important. More than half of those surveyed take into account the APRC amount when making a loan decision.

Does gender matter when making such decisions? It turns out that yes – ladies are more sensible when it comes to the decision to take out a loan, more often they check what will be the final amount to be repaid and whether they can afford an additional monthly commitment.

It is worth remembering to rationally approach your abilities. Carefully analyzing the budget, offers can help us avoid unpleasantness in the future. Too “light” approach to this type of decision can result in unexpected debts. As the study showed, 15% of respondents already had problems paying their debts.

A real assessment of your own financial situation is extremely important at the stage of signing the contract. The potential borrower should check if he has sufficient funds to pay back the loan without any problems. It is also important to never incur new obligations if you had a problem with the repayment of earlier ones – says Karol Puzak, head of the press and internal communications office at Prolend Finance.

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