Starbucks’ Russian replacement logo gives us some serious deja vu

The conflict in Ukraine has led many Western countries to withdraw from Russia, leaving a vacuum for local entrepreneurs. A Russian Starbucks replacement has just opened its first store in Moscow (in a former Starbucks), and things look eerily familiar. .. But different.

Hot on the heels of McDonald’s Russian replacement comes Stars Coffee. And even though it’s a brand new local brand, it doesn’t exactly start from scratch. As well as moving into former Starbucks stores, it seems he’s hoping customers won’t feel like anything has changed, taking inspiration from the Seattle coffee giant’s branding and locating her famous mermaid logo. What is she wearing? We’ll reveal all, but this one might be one for our list of logos that look alike.

Starbucks’ Russian replacement

The Russian Stars Coffee logo compared to the Starbucks logo

Starbucks Coffee vs Stars Coffee of Russia (Image credit: Starbucks/Stars Coffee)

Many people say that the logos are all starting to look the same, but this is a case where it would be very difficult to argue that the similarity is unintentional. McDonald’s Russian replacement launched with an interesting logo that looked like a lot, but none of McDonalds. In the case of the Russian Starbucks replacement, the owners opted for something that makes Stars Coffee’s heritage plainly clear.

When Starbucks announced its withdrawal from Russia in May, closing the 130 stores it had built since opening in the country in 2007, Russian businessman Anton Pinskiy, rapper Timur ‘Timati’ Yunusov and company Sindika stepped in to redeem them. According to Russian media site Sostav (opens in a new tab)the new owners wanted to make the cafes as similar to Starbucks as possible, and they did.

In addition to adopting a brand name that simply drops four letters from the words Starbucks Coffee (apparently the name “Starbox” was also considered), the new franchise has a familiar-looking circular logo. There are stars, of course, and a female character with wavy hair. She’s not a mermaid, but her features are almost identical, and instead of a crown, she wears a kokoshnik, a traditional Russian headdress. Russian YouTuber Kostya Pavlov posted a video of his visit to the first Stars Coffee store in Moscow, and the logo isn’t the only thing that looks familiar.

Stars Coffee seems to be aiming to recreate much of the Starbucks experience, including the tradition of writing customer names on their to-go coffee cups — and Pavlov seems to approve. Of course, borrowing the branding of an established name is nothing new. After all, how many supermarket brand colas use a red color and typeface to blend in with the soft drink aisle? The Stars Coffee logo seems to be doing what it tends to do, trying to suggest that things are the same, just more local. But still, it might be one of the worst logos of 2022 in terms of originality.

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