The strength of the free brokers of the GFI network – Loan

Created in 2007, the GFI network brings together 53 free brokers today, spread across France. Under the leadership of Sean Cole, its founder, these franchisees enjoy a structured framework, which contributes to optimizing their individual competence. Explanation.

Our positioning: free brokers!


By becoming GFI franchisees, brokers accept the method of remuneration chosen by the network: free for the borrower. In other words, the experts only receive the commission paid by the bank from which the loan is taken out.

An approach obviously valued with customers, which quickly becomes a decisive commercial argument.

As for brokers, the GFI network offers very attractive “compensations” to facilitate acceptance of this customer positioning:

  • The entry fee set at USD 10,000 while installation costs can reach USD 150,000 within franchises of paying brokers.
  • Reduced operating costs, when they can amount to half of the turnover in other brands … Indeed, the network does not oblige its franchisees to have premises, it offers a declining payment to the franchise, etc.

As a reminder: the method of remuneration chosen does not reflect the efficiency of the professional! This can only be judged by the rate and conditions obtained for the mortgage.

Our operation: the strength of the GFI network!


Once welcomed into the GFI network, each real estate loan intermediary undergoes complete training: presentation of the franchise, sales technique, administrative support system, etc.

On this occasion, the new free brokers quickly understand that they are joining a large family: the network puts their foot in the stirrup, but it also supports them throughout their activity.

They benefit from permanent commercial and technical assistance, they can also exchange regularly with other members, to benefit from their experience.

In addition, GFI provides its franchisees with in- house software with multiple advantages:

  • It ensures effective monitoring of the progress of the file with the various stakeholders involved (bank, borrower, real estate agent, etc.)
  • It represents a fine commercial asset when, when properly configured, it can provide a first concrete idea of ​​what the broker can obtain from its partner banks. An element of weight to facilitate the signing of the fundraising mandate, at the end of the first meeting!

In summary, the interest of the GFI network is to offer each of its franchisees a framework in which they can evade administrative constraints so as to concentrate only on their core business.

Better, it provides them with a tool to optimize their skills and take away customer decisions.

Ask to be called back

Thanks to our positioning as free brokers, even after the first information meeting, you can request a match with the expert in your sector! It is without obligation!

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