Trump Apparently Acknowledges Facts Against Trump Organization While Criticizing ‘Benefits’ Charges At Rally In Sarasota



Trump told a crowd in Sarasota, Florida on Saturday night that “every business” offers “benefits,” but he mocked prosecutors for filing a complaint, saying it “reminds of a Communist dictatorship targeting your opponents. policies ”. The comments are the former president’s most substantial on the charges after they were unsealed last week in the first criminal case against his namesake company.

“Never before has New York City and its prosecutors or maybe prosecutors criminally charged a company or person for employee benefits,” Trump said. ” Social advantages. Murders, OK; human trafficking, no problem. But the benefits, you can’t do that. “

An indictment released Thursday by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office charged the company and an entity called Trump Payroll Corporation with 10 counts and Allen Weisselberg with 15 counts in connection with an alleged scheme dating back to 2005 “to compensate Weisselberg and other leaders of the Trump organization in a way that was“ off the books. ”“ They were charged with fraud, conspiracy, criminal tax evasion and falsifying business records. Weisselberg, who pleaded not guilty, was also charged with robbery and offering a false instrument of deposit.

Trump did not dispute allegations by prosecutors that Weisselberg received unofficial compensation at his rally on Saturday night. He mentioned Weisselberg’s car rent, apartment and school fees for his grandchildren.

“They attack good workers for not paying tax on a company car. Company car. You didn’t pay tax on the car, or a company apartment, you used an apartment because you need an apartment, because you have to travel too far to where your house is, haven’t paid tax or education for your grandchildren, ”Trump said.“ I don’t. not even know. Do you have to do it, does anyone know the answer to this stuff? OKAY ? But they blame people for it. “

“But they blame people for it. But for murder and for selling massive amounts of the world’s worst drugs that kill people left and right, it doesn’t matter. Think about it, think how bad it is. ‘is unfair, “he said.

As CNN previously reported, it is rare, according to tax evasion attorneys, for prosecutors to lay charges solely related to employee benefits provided by a company, and in recent weeks, lawyers for the Trump organization met with Manhattan district attorneys. attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.’s office, hoping to persuade them not to bring the case.
Trump on Saturday called the charges the latest in a series of legal attacks he has faced, linking them to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, possible collusion of the Trump campaign with Moscow and obstruction of justice. “I have been targeted since I stepped off the escalator,” he said, referring to his infamous entry into the 2016 campaign.
He also pointed out that New York Attorney General Letitia James said years ago that she would sue Trump. “Knows nothing about me, all she knows is that she’s going to have me, from the day she walks in,” Trump said, before emulating her.
Trump also repeated his lies about the 2020 election and discussed the Jan.6 uprising on the United States Capitol.


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