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I don’t remember when a package didn’t arrive damaged.

The last time I checked the prices were going up on everything. It’s pretty ridiculous. So here we are trying to save money in every way and wherever we can.

One common way to do this is to order the things you need online. This saves you from having to burn gasoline while driving to the store, but also sometimes you can find what you need at a cheaper price.

And then there are those items that you just can’t find in the store, so you have to buy them online. And with inflation putting the brakes on everything these days, we were all paying more attention to how we spend our hard-earned money.

So it’s incredibly frustrating when your packages appear damaged.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, especially since I don’t know exactly when these packages were damaged. It could have been loaded onto the truck as if it had passed through a chipper. I also understand that they may be understaffed and just trying to keep their heads above water with all of these expeditions.

However, I have the impression that one company has delivered more battered boxes than others in recent times.

Federal. Express.

I wince when I see this logo outside my house. The last packages we received, large or small, were broken or torn at the edges. Heck, a box looked like it had been opened just enough to see what was inside, then awkwardly sealed.

Have you noticed this?

Maybe you noticed it on another service. The most common trucks that I see are Amazon, USPS, and UPS. Did you have problems with one of them more than with the others?

I asked this question on Twitter and most people said FedEx or USPS.

@missradiojess via Twitter

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